Savage Farms History
potatoes from Savage Farms in Deerfield MA

Savage Farms History

Savage Farms dates back to 1910, when John Ardziewicz came to Deerfield MA and purchased a small farm on Lower Road. The farm consisted of 25 acres, and with the help of his son John, the elder Ardziewicz raised tobacco, onions, carrots, corn and potatoes.

Young John made the decision sometime in the 1930s to change his surname to "Savage," and became the first of three generations to have the John G. Savage name and also work the family farm in Deerfield. During these years, John purchased more land along Lower Road and the Deerfield River. He eventually focused primarily on raising tobacco and potatoes on the 300 acres the family now owned.

Tradition repeated itself when Savage's eldest son, John G. Savage Jr., assisted his father on the farm as a young boy, preferring work over school.

In 1969, John G. "Jay" Savage III was born into the family. Since graduating from Proctor Academy and Vermont Technical College's agricultural program, Jay manages over 500 acres of potatoes and 200 acres of rotational crops, as well as a trucking company.

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