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Potatoes from Savage Farms

Savage Farms raises various varieties of potatoes used specifically for making potato chips. The next time you have a bag of Utz or Cape Cod Potato Chips you may be eating a Savage Spud from Deerfield MA! Farm owner Jay Savage has served on the National Potato Board as Massachusetts state representative and is currently serving on the ad hoc Potato Chip committee.

Recipes & nutritional information about potatoes

Recipes & nutritional information about potatoes

Trucking by Savage Farms

Savage Farms Trucking delivers all of Savage Farms products. We also deliver farming materials and other products for outside clients. The Savage Farm fleet is comprised of flat beds with forklifts, vans and refrigerator trailers. They are available off season for outside trucking needs. Local runs are priced by the hour, longer runs by negotiated rates. For more information, including pricing, please contact Savage Farms.